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Ivaylo Stoyanov

For Ivaylo Stoyanov the surrounding world is the subject of his work. Expressive ​colours, strong contrast, electrical tones and heavy shadows makes it a surreal landscape. The photographer do not examine the nature, but converts it, rotating it in 90 degrees. Thus, a seemingly simple architecture, natural landscape or interior lives another life​. Nadezhda Dzhakova, Curator​.​

Ivaylo Stoyanov was born in ​Karlovo, Bulgaria in ​1976 Bulgaria.​ ​In ​2007 ​he ​graduates in Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Johannes-Gutenberg University​ in​ Mainz, ​Germany.​ ​Sine 2010 he is a lecturer in Concept​ual ​Photography in New Bulgarian University​ in​ Sofia. ​He took part in numerous solo and group exhibitions with very high collectible interest. His work​ has been published by​ leading ​photography museum such as: ​Photonews and Artflash. ​His photographs are property of the collections of National Art Gallery​ in ​Sofia, ​The ​Sofia ​City ​Art Gallery, Gallery Erhard Witzel, Wiesbaden-Germany ​and private collections.