• Ivan, 21 I want to study acting at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts. Although it is hard to make a living on it, I think I was born a comedian (though I think I could play tragedy as well). I love to come into notice. I could also become a good director – an actor-director.
  • Assen, 17 My wife… she won’t be very pretty, probably – it will be a marriage of convenience.
  • Camelia, 17 At the age of five and a half I already knew I wanted to be a lawyer. Now I will study criminal law. I love my job although I haven’t started practicing it yet.
  • Boryana, 18 When I am 80 I imagine myself as a tall old lady, with absolutely all her brains. A forest, an old house, simple furniture, white sheets surrounding me… the simplest wooden things.
  • Georgi, 17 I want to be a comedy actor –so that when people watch me on the stage they would forget reality for a couple of hours. I like the feeling before going out on stage – a peculiar feeling, as though butterflies are flitting in your stomach…
  • Lyubomira, 17 I would like to deal with PR or advertising – I’d love to have plenty of people around. I dream of opening a café, to play my music there and have my friends visiting me. It’s all about job, the café is a dream…
  • Slavi, 18 In 20 years I see myself behind an enormous desk, with a very stylish suit and looking authoritatively through my glasses. I will have only a few employees, but very good ones. There will be a Jacuzzi for six people in the house, for my friends. Outside there will be a large yard, a swimming pool, 8x20 m., and stables with five horses. I will even get a little doe and two dogs.
Missirkov / Bogdanov

The series is based on interviews with some 70 upper-grade students in three high schools in Sofia. The theme of the talks we had with them - “what do you want to be”, “how do you envisage yourself after 20-30 years” – gave us the opportunity to mark the basic directions in the dreams of young people, who are now starting their self-dependent life. The photographs from the series visualize seven of these dreams. The project is part of the Visual Seminar realized in partnership with Relations – a project initiated by the Federal Cultural Foundation, Germany.

Boris Missirkov and Georgi Bogdanov are photographers and cinematographers, founders of the Bulgarian Photographic Association and AgitProp production company. Work as free-lance photographers for major local and international magazines and advertising agencies. Since 2000 act as independent producers and filmmakers specializing in documentary film and TV features.Their photographic works use various visual styles and could be generally described as “creative documentary”. They have been presented in solo shows as well as major photography and contemporary art exhibitions in Europe and USA. Their photographs are property of collections of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro, Musée de l'Elysée – Lausanne, , Museum of the Photographic Art – Odense, Denmark, National Gallery of Fine Arts - Sofia, Sofia City Gallery, Bibliothèque Nationale - Paris, collections of Erste Bank (Austria), Unicredit Bank (Italy), the European Parliament and numerous private collections.