• “The Rule” was a three-headed man. He was so tall that he couldn’t be seen only heard.
  • “The Humankind” was a hybrid between a human and an animal. Demons live inside of it, they say.
  • “The Goodness” was a disease. You needed to pay to be cured of it.
  • “The Rescue” was a giant from the rock mountain. He turned back to help us.
  • “The Spirit” was the power that guarded our freedom.
  • “The Transition” was the night in which all of our shadows disappeared.
  • “The Freedom” was a thinker. He lost his vision due to so much thinking.
  • “The Truth” was always upside down. Nobody knew where his head was.
  • “The Deconstruction” was self-recycling. They said he was immortal.
  • “The Nature” was wild. They built a fence around her, so she could not escape.
  • “The Selfie” was in love with her own image.Her head ended up in a jar.
  • “The Ideology” was made of hands. He looked like a walking cobweb.
  • “The Beauty” wanted to live forever. She made a mask of her own face for others to wear it.
  • “The Reality” was a flower. A hidden one.
  • “The Love” appeared one winter. It was a syndrome after which hunger came.
  • “The Love” appeared one winter. It was a syndrome after which hunger came.

“No Mythology Left” is a metaphor and a question although there is no question mark. The project is not intended to deny the existence of myths or their importance. My decision was to combine text, drawings and photo collages in order to create different stories. Piece by piece new myths were created that leave room for interpretation.

Atanasov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1991. In 2010 he graduated in Printmaking from the National School of Fine Arts “Iliya Petrov”, Sofia. He completed his BA degree in Photography at the Film and Television School of the Academy of the Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) in 2014. He works in the field of photography, drawing and photo book. His first book project Pray For Rain was published in collaboration with AkinaBooks, London, in 2014.