• Varna red lighthouse
  • Varna green lighthouse
  • Golden Sands
  • Kavarna
  • Burgas
  • Tsarevo old lighthouse
  • Tsarevo new lighthouse
  • Cape Emine
  • Ahtopol
  • Cape Kaliakra
  • Cape Maslen
  • Balchik
  • Aheloy
  • Primorsko
  • Nessebar
  • Byala new lighthouse
  • Byala old lighthouse
  • Galata new lighthouse
  • Varna
Vladimir Spassov

In his series, “Lighthouses”, Vladimir Spassov makes “portraits” of the now disappearing seaside navigational lights between Ahtopol and Shabla. These sites are doomed to disappear due to the availability of modern technology and satellite navigation. The project includes the oldest Bulgarian lighthouse, located in Shabla, the lighthouse of Cape Maslen, which looks akin to a medieval fortress, and the lighthouse of Kavarna, which is very similar to a flying saucer. Some of the navigational lights are inside military bases and one of them is in the royal residency of Evksinograd. Today the lighthouse in Tzarevo is replaced by a bronze sculpture of a Thracian ddess and the old lights of Cape Galata are on the brink of being consumed by a landslide.

Vladimir Spassov was born in 1968, in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has graduated from Technical University in Sofia. He works in the area of conceptual photography and has been part of Ivailo Stoyanov’s master class since 2014. Vladimir has taken part in numerous group exhibitions and festivals. His series “Seaside lighthouses” has been published in the Bulgarian edition of the National Geographic magazine. Furthermore, the series will be on display during the Month of Photography in Bratislava, which will take place during the month of November 2016.