Lubri was born in Sofia in 1977. His first solo exhibition, Boys Don’t Cry, was shown at Pistolet Gallery in 2007. In 2011, the curator Vera Mlechevska presented his work within Sariev Contemporary’s platform “Bakcground: Young Artists”, in the exhibition Backup. He has taken part in the exhibitions: Photonic Moments, Ljubljana, 2007; Month of Photography, Vienna, 2007; A.A.H. "All about Him", Sofia, 2008;Persona, Institute of Contemporary Art Gallery, Sofia, 2010; The End and Beyond, Center for Contemporary Art – Ancient Baths, Plovdiv; Rituals of the Habitual, City and Public Spaces Festival, Plovdiv, 2012. His work has been included in the books: Future Images – A collection of the World’s Best Young Photographers, Mario Cresci and Radu Stern, Italy, 2010; Selected Works and Events by Edno Magazine 2002–2009, Sofia, 2009; The Bulgarian Nouvelle Vague, Sofia, 2012, and covered by Edno Magazine, Vice Magazine, the newspaper 39 Grams and Fantom Magazine