Georgi Georgiev

The main function of advertising is to promote a product or idea for commercial purposes. Through visual and emotional symbols advertising captures imagination and promises to improve living standard, self-esteem and social status.In 75 Cents, Georgi Georgiev creates a feeling of advertising campaign in which he illustrates the popularity of a product through memorable images, attractive colors and compositions inspired by Dadaism. By ironizing reality, he asks the question of whether the desire of individuals to assert themselves as an end in itself results in massive monotony.

Georgi Georgiev was born in Bourgas, Bulgaria in 1979. He has BFA in Photography from The School of Visual Arts in New York where he received the Silas H. Rhodes award as well as the Special Photography Department award and a nomination for the Tierney Fellowship in Photography. In 2015 he completed a Master of Fine Arts program in Photography at Brooklyn College. The focus of his work is collage, photomontage, experimental and conceptual photography. He has been living in Brooklyn, New York since 2003 where he works as a freelance artist and an adjunct photography instructor at La Guardia Community College.