• Three Buildings
  • Crane
  • Building
  • Gate to Nowhere
  • Billboard
  • Columns
  • Landscape
  • Pylons
  • Ice Lamp
Zlatka Dimitrova

First I made sketches of a imaginary city using a electric heater. Later I realized that this was the city I live in.
I photographed real objects and compared it to the sketches. Then I made diptychs where every left side is a sketch and every right side is the real object.

Zlatka Dimitrova was born in Kazanlak in 1982.​ ​She​ ​took  classes at​ ​"Parallax" photo-school in Sofia.​ ​Her work has been exhibited during​ ​
The​ ​Month of Photography​ ​in​ ​Sofia​ ​2012 and 2013.